Tuesday, 17 May 2011

My Exciting News - Shopping Our Stash!!!!!!!!!

You might have just noticed that there's a new little blinkie in my sidebar - yep, I'm super proud to say that I've made it onto the DT for Shopping Our Stash!!! Now, the whole idea behind this challenge is to use things that are in our stash - and more often than not, have been there for some time - rather than using something new all the time, which I think alot of us are prone to do. I'm the absolute worse for doing it - like when there's a new release of Magnolia stamps for example, I'll buy quite a few of them and then only get the chance to use one or two before the next release and then I'll move on to them. And so, I was well pleased to make it onto this DT and finally have an incentive to ink up those poor neglected stamps and cut into the dusty papers!!!
So - to kick off the challenge, we're holding a virtual 'open house', where everyone shares a look at their crafty spaces and stash. Last week, half the DT shared their pics and today, it's the other half's (and my!) turn.
Ready.................be prepared for loads of pictures!!!!!!!!!!
Now, I'm not lucky enough to have a craft room, so I have to make do with the dining table - although I've gone from clearing it off every night to now just leaving everything there and we eat off trays on our laps!!! And my stash is taking over the house - mainly the living room and hallway but it does extend up to my bedroom too (which makes for a rather messy house, but hey, there's more important things in life to worry about!!). Once I started taking pics of my stash, I didn't seem to be able to stop, so sorry about the excessive amount of pics LOL! I think I surprised myself just how many stamps, etc that I've actually got - I guess I should feel embarrassed but for some reason I don't, in fact, I feel oddly proud. Hee, hee.
Right - this is my crafting space (aka the dining table) (sneak peek of my Sugar Bowl entry in the background!):

This is behind my crafting space - there's a box for 12 x 12 papers and then there's stamps I use alot (sentiments) and some of my 6 x 6 pads on the top:
Here are my punches:
And the rest of them:
Here's the corner of my living room where alot of my stash is kept:
And this is the 'tower of stash' in my hallway:
Here's some of my stamps:
 And my magnolia stamps and magazines:
 All my Elzybells stamps with my lovely 'bug in the background (I keep all my dies and embossing folders in the box):
 All of my Lili of the Valley stamps:
 All of my Sugar Nellies (my collection has expanded rather rapidly since they started the Simply Sassy range (and set 7 came through the letterbox this morning!!):
 And, last but not least, here's some of my 6 x 6 papers (not all of them I hasten to add!) and that's not including all the 12 x 12 papers that are scattered around the room and behind the sofas in pizza boxes and files!!:
OK - that's about it then from me. I hope you're still with me!!! All you have to do now is take some pics of your own and link them up over here by 23rd May - there's even a prize (to add to your stash LOL!) for a random winner.
I'll be back later with some cardage...................xxxxx


  1. Oh Wow Marie what a LOT of stash!
    First congratulations on your DT yay!
    secondly I will pop over and take a look at your challenges and try to join in (time allowing) and thirdly...pop the kettle on I'm coming to play lol, all those gorgeous stamps and papers wow!!!
    hugs Teresa xx

  2. Cardage! HAHAHA! I thought I was the only one to use that word. I'm so impressed at how much stuff you have without a craft room. Way to go!

  3. OMG hun - you need an organised craft space LOL - you have SO MUCH stash! Great to see it all though, very jealous of how much you actually have LOL. Hugs, Claire x

  4. Had to laugh when I read this and saw your pictures. You definately need a craft room GF but I'm sure you know exactly where everything you want to use is located. I can't find half the stuff I want to use in mine when I want it.

    Congrats on the DT spot! Can't wait to see what all you come up with. "Hugs" Carol

  5. Oh my word Marie - you'll be dipping in to that lot with the new DT projects then I take it?

    congrats on being chosen - have fun (oh, and look out for the postie - can't say any more)

    Edna x LOL

  6. Well done hun!....I'm so pleased for you and truly deserved sweetie..!

    Oh what nice stash Marie...all those delish stamps and pretty dp's...I will be round soon...lol..

    have a great evening..hugs Vicky xx

  7. hiya marie.
    big congrats on your dt spot hun, so much deserved :D and oh my word what a lot of stash you have and so neat and organised.i wouldn`t dare take a pic of mine.it really is in a very cluttered corner of the living room :D

    xx coops xx

  8. Hi sweetie big big huge congrats on your new DT sweetie I'm not sure if I will take a piccy but will try lol. You are as bad as me hun with your stash thats why hubby built me a craft room cus altho I have a big bungalow, its not big enough for my stash lol. Your stamp collection is as bad as mine you dont want to know tho how big my sweet pea & crafts & me stamp collection is lol. I have sassy's from set 1 unused I even have the old elisabeth bell ones un-inked....we are terrible hun arn't we lol.....life's too short tho hun so we have to enjoy it while we are here dont we my sweets.

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  9. Love how you manage sooooooo much stuff without an actual craft room. And, seriously, I'll take ANY Elzybells off your hand that you, umm...may not want anymore. Hahha!! ;)

  10. Hey Marie, so fun to take a look into where you create and all of your goodies....I just love to see how everyone else plays, so this is right up my alley. I have taken my pics and will try and post later today. Looking forward to this site and the incintive to use what I already have, although I think I am a lost cause, if you are trying to get me to stop buying new things.lol Congrats on making the DT...you will do great things for them!


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