Tuesday 9 March 2010

I've spent the last two days glued to the computer. I'm now officially addicted to ebay!! I've been selling things but as soon as the money hits my paypal account, I spend it on something else to add to my crafty stash!! Me and Sam are going to have to move out soon to make room for all my stuff!
I've also spent the last two days finishing off my website. Got it all done and sent the emails round but ever since there's been hosting problems so I can't take down a few of the cards that people have bought - yes, I've made some sales already!!!! Soooo exciting!!! Anyway, I've had to put the 'under construction' sign back up and hopefully it'll be sorted by tomorrow, otherwise people are gonna look at my site for the first time, get that message and then not bother again - arghh!! By going live though, I also discovered a slight problem - no stock control option, not sure what I'm gonna do about that yet unless I upgrade to the 'pro' package. Anyway, it's too late to think about things like that now. TTFN.

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